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Improving your work space, boosting your self esteem and enjoyment of daily life, can be helped by something as simple as learning how to use color.

Make work fun with cuteness like these little jewels. Enjoy your spaces! You spend most of your day at work so you might as well decorate it to uplift your spirits and make for a brighter day.  These little gems add a smile to my face and a little warmth to my heart in my little home away from home, as I spend my day as a pediatric nurse. Little details can make all the difference in the warmth of an atmosphere and the attitude of a person, especially while working. Bright colors and patterns can awaken the senses, create joy, feelings of happiness and help get those creative juices flowing .

If you put effort into making your atmosphere a little more enjoyable place you might be surprised.

It can make the attitude of those around you more pleasurable as well.  Your surroundings can help to stimulate creativity, awareness, encourage self esteem and boost confidence.  Designers and decorators have known this for years and are using this tactic in design and furnishing of newly developing office spaces and business to help increase production, aid in retention and encourage job satisfaction of  employees in the workplace.

Red, while bold, is an energetic color that stimulates appetite, grabs attention and is known as a powerful motivator.  Green is a color that lends to wealth and growth which is never a bad thing to encourage in yourself and your workspace.

The color pink evokes happy and helpful and could help team building and unity in those working together. Nothing says sophisticated and trendy as the hot Rose Gold color.

Black, is sometimes debated as a color, (considered more as a neutral, by some) but it represents reliability, stability and strength.  So maybe the next time you look for things for the workplace you should think about what colors may represent you and what mood you can create for yourself. It could help put your best foot forward during the day and help you to enjoy your spaces while spending most of your day away from home.

Always strive for growth, self improvement, a good attitude and what you put out into the world and you could be surprised how much good karma you may see in return. Always on the sunny side of life!

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