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How to boost your mood, self esteem and self confidence with color? That is the question.

Think about seasons and how spring time brings massive “feel good” colors to the outdoors. Nature brings with it the emotions of a renewed spirit of life, freshness, new beginnings and excitement in the air. Try to recreate those emotions in your everyday life. Choosing to dress your daily attitude and outlook with positive evoking colors can help to boost your self esteem and self confidence.

Picture waking from you slumber still snuggled in your warm cozy bed with crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets, as you put on your favorite pink fuzzy robe and slippers.

You effortlessly drift toward the kitchen to the smell of freshly brewed, mocha colored, robust coffee.  You enjoy the experience of sipping on the first cup of the day.  Now visualize the steaming fog, warmth of a relaxing hot shower.   The smell of your favorite aromatic, beautifully colored body wash awaken the senses. You open your closet to an invigorating rainbow of downy fresh springtime clean clothes to choose from.  Perfectly flowing hair and beautiful rosy hued makeup, done.  You’re off to enjoy a peaceful ride through the countryside with the sun shining and birds chirping.  Ready to greet the world on your way to  your wonderful job you enjoy. What an ideal start of a new day, if only every morning could  start like this and feel like springtime.

When I awake up in the morning I know right away how my day is unfolding.  If I am feeling happy and confident good chances are, if this is my morning, I will pick out a bright, airy, feel good color combination. Eager to start my day of promise and prosperity in an ideal world.

On the other hand, if I have not slept well, woke up late this will not be the case.

I’m rushed to be to work on time and get kids to school,(that have also woke up late with the fighting and arguing in full swing), ugh.  I am now more inclined to grab just “what ever” drabness I can find to throw on.  It promises to usually be a lot less cheerful color combo to match my mood at this point. Which for me means beige, brown, grey or black hues probably located at the front of my closet.  They seem to be the quickest to grab, with no thought process involved.  Not that those are always bad colors to wear. You can see how these choices in a rush can lend to the mood and attitude you start your day with and how it can influence the rest of your day.  The colors you have on are the signature to your day and what emotions you exude.

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How to boost your mood, self esteem and self confidence with color

   Therefore one of the easiest ways to start your day with a positive foot forward is to think about what color you would like to feel like today.

What emotions you would like to exude.  I mean if you are trying to be more positive in your life and be a happier person, I encourage you to start by using color.  Color can evoke your mood and cheer you up in the morning as well as help you put that out into the world.

With a quick plan of action the night before take just a few minutes to make a focused effort to pick out your “intended”, most productive, inspirational option. For the next day, is the first day of the rest of your life. No one knows what good fortune and blessings it could bring.  Think about how you wish to feel that day and how you want others to receive you and treat you as well. This one little effort can help you to have a happier more cheerful day. Putting off good karma to the world can help you to raise you self confidence and increase your self esteem.  Learning how to boost your mood, self esteem and self confidence with color, the sky’s the limit and you can propel yourself to have a more positive outlook on life.

Spend a few minutes, use a color chart and write out beside each color, the first few emotions or feelings that come to your mind when you look it. Now pay attention to other people you encounter, see on TV or as you flip through a magazine and note how the colors they are wearing make you feel.  Think about what type of person it makes you perceive them to be.

Focus on what colors make you feel happy, positive, energetic, intelligent, refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Those are probably your best color options to raise your own mood meter.  Share with us your experience and what you learn about yourself with this little exercise.  Leave comments about any suggestions you would like to add in which color can help to elevate your self esteem or self confidence and brighten you day.

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