Great to meet you, I am Tammy Davis and I am a mom to many, wife, pediatric nurse and ever evolving woman!  I love to create (sometimes havoc, lol), decorate and enjoy my family.  I am writing this blog as a gift to myself, as a hobby and creative outlet, push for positivity, connect with my children on motherhood and personal growth and enjoy all things beautiful as well as meeting new friends along the way.  I am a MOM that is passionate about her children for they are my greatest treasure and accomplishment. They are the true meaning of eternal life. With that being said, I am not a perfect Mom, none of us are we are all “Moms in Training” learning as we go.  I am a person of strong faith in God, strength, drive, opinions and love for others. (My family does not always appreciate all these qualities in me, lol, but they all know it comes from the heart!) Despite living relatively healthy, I have had an extremely difficult year of health issues and setbacks this year including a nice little wake up call from ovarian cancer, and instant menopause to add to my personality.  As you can see I like a little sarcasm as well, life can be overwhelming you have to throw in a little “lighten up” sometimes!  With this blog I hope to inspire you to create, laugh, love, become a better person and most of all enjoy life.  To live life is to enjoy the JOURNEY. God bless and have a beautiful Life!